Alex Fine
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex is a serial builder. In high school, Alex founded a studying app, Quill. Quill grew to 200k users & 10k paid subscribers by the time it was acquired in February 2018. Alex studied math & computer science at Stanford University.
Mario Baxter
Co-Founder & CTO
Mario is a technologist. Mario competed in triathlons (won six national medals) and tinkered with electronics. Before Fun, Mario worked as an AI engineer & researcher. He was the youngest person ever invited onto Meta's FAIR team. Mario graduated in three years from Stanford University where he studied computer science.
Chaz Cui
Founding Engineer
Chaz is a system architect. Before Fun, Chaz was a software development engineer at AWS and co-founder of Youqingkuang Tech Co – a business he started with a professor in China. Chaz published three blockchain papers and filed five blockchain patents while earning his Masters in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley.
Aaron Chew
Founding Engineer
Aaron is a problem solver. During high school Aaron competed in USACO competitions, where he was ranked one of the top twenty competitive programmers in the United States. Aaron previously founded FusePay and researched UTXO optimization as part of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. Aaron studied computer science at Columbia University.
Caleb Sirak
Founding Engineer
Caleb Sirak is a hustler. Before Fun Caleb worked with the UN on distributed computing applications in Africa. Caleb previously founded FusePay and was the director of engineering at Bubble Meets. Caleb studied computer science at MIT.
James Rezendes
Software Engineer
James is a creator. Before Fun James worked on multiple startups, building out web3 apps, social media platforms, live broadcasting systems, and 3D/VR websites. James also founded Valoria, a peer-to-peer virtual world with AI generated NPCs, a P2P chat system and an ability to buy digital property with cryptocurrencies. James studied at Make School.