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Introducing FunKit: the best SDK for building smart wallets.
Harness the power of account abstraction to build groundbreaking apps.
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Secure. Familiar. Fast.

FunKit blends advanced authentication frameworks with intuitive end-user experience. We support most popular sign-in methods, like Google, Twitter, Discord, MetaMask, and WalletConnect, expose custom signature methods, including MPC, BLS, OAuth, and passKey to create custom auth schemes. We also support third-party authentication providers like Privy, Turnkey, Web3Auth, and MagicAuth.

Two-factor authentication

Two steps
ahead of

Two-factor authentication


Authentication modules

Sign in with

Authentication modules


Account recovery

Recover your crypto

Account recovery


Session keys

One signature.
Limitless play

With session keys you can sign a transaction once, and then play a game with frictionless transactions. FunKit enables session keys with advanced permissions & security.

Session keys


Unlock Granular Control with Session Keys

FunKit's Session Keys offer precise control over wallet functionalities without exposing your primary private key. Built on our robust Auth class, these keys enable tailored permissions, adding an extra layer of security.

Whitelist Mechanisms and Value Limits

A unique whitelist mechanism outlines the exact contracts and functions the session key can interact with. Additionally, action and fee value limits define the maximum transaction value and fees, preventing unauthorized or costly actions.

Advanced Permission Management

Session keys also support lists for fee recipients and tokens, ensuring transaction fees go only to trusted addresses and interactions are limited to specified assets. This offers a balanced blend of freedom and safeguards for both users and developers.

With FunKit's Session Keys, marry flexibility with top-tier security to enhance both user experience and application capabilities.

With FunKit's Session Keys, marry flexibility with top-tier security to enhance both user experience and application capabilities.

Gas Behavior
Fueled by choice.

FunKit is the only SDK that allows transactions without holding ETH by integrating PERMIT into our paymaster contract. Gas payments using ERC-20s are simplified down to one line of code, eliminating account rebalancing or ETH reload concerns.

Alternatively, you can sponsor transactions and add your own custom paymaster logic. We also offer our own gas sponsor manager and are currently building atomic cross-chain transaction sponsoring.

Gas sponsorship

Empower Users.
Cover gas.

Gas sponsorship


Gas payments with ERC-20s

Pay gas,
your way.

Gas payments with ERC-20s


Supercharge your app. Capture the value.

Seamlessly access decentralized finance. On and off ramping, swapping, bridging, and staking are all available with one line of code through aggregators. We also automatically switch providers based on stability and cost. And of course, it’s just one more line to monetize with fixed or variable pricing per transaction.



Today many web3 applications struggle to effectively capture the value they create. Your users go on to swap on Uniswap, trade OpenSea and stake with Lido. You as the developer should capture this value. FunKit makes it trivially easy to upsell customers more features, & then charge for that usage. All in one line of code.

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30 DAI



Unlock New Revenue Streams with FunKit

FunKit simplifies monetization in your web3 applications, letting you effortlessly capture value from user activities like swaps, trades, and stakes. With just one line of code, introduce various upsells or specialized features that not only enhance user experience but also increase revenue.

Flexible, Secure Pricing

Our flexible pricing modules allow you to implement either fixed or variable transaction fees, giving you full control over your revenue model. Rest assured, all fee collections are transparent and secured on-chain, increasing trust and eliminating the need for manual reconciliation.

Fast, Scalable Monetization

FunKit is built for speed and scalability. Implement tiered features, subscription models, or even automated payouts to stakeholders with ease. With FunKit, monetization becomes an integral, effortless part of your app’s architecture. Say hello to a new era of frictionless, automated revenue streams.

Swaping, staking & bridging

Swap, stake, & bridge
in one line.

Swaping, staking & bridging


On & off ramping



On & off ramp over 30 different
currencies, in 74 countries, into 200+

On & off ramping


Custom access control
Beyond the multi-sig.

FunKit features modular role based access control over our smart contracts. Combine actions, create durations, or add other limits to individual users. These are fully customizable and compatible with our full suite of transaction methods. FunKit also supports session keys, providing developers a fully permissionless way to compartmentalize access and control of smart wallets to applications.

Transaction protection Enterprise feature

Block transactions not approved by

Institutional access controlEnterprise feature

Create sophisticated access management tailored to your organizational needs. For example, fund managers use FunKit to manage LP capital without assuming full control of the assets. This arrangement increases trust & saves time.

Investment protectionEnterprise feature

Use a risk-monitoring module to automatically front-run transactions that endanger to your on-chain investments. monitors for smart contract exploits, governance attacks, anomalous behavior, composability complexities and flash loan attacks. This protection is provided without you ever compromising access to your account. No third party can move funds out of your wallet, ever.

Smart contract exploit protection

Flash loan attack

Governance abuse

Team roles

Create team members with defined roles.

Spending thresholds

Define a role by how much money the user can access.

Action constraints

Define a role by what actions the user can perform.

Time limits

Define a role by a duration of time.


Brand new ways to execute.

FunKit lets you transact in three innovative ways. First, we support ERC-4337’s non-sequential nonces, meaning trustless auto-transactions with no relayer. Second, our smart wallets simplify social token transfers by supporting decentralized wallet claiming via tweets and trusted messages. And it's all available offline, making transaction initiation a breeze.

Automated actions

Automate anything.

Automated payouts

Limit orders

NFT Mints

Your custom workflow

Automated actions


Social transfers

Social transfers


Connect to the blockchain universe.

FunKit lets you integrate any contract or action into your wallets. We support both direct ABI integrations and WalletConnect. And everything is compatible with all major EVM chains.


Integrate any
smart contract.

NFT Minted

Integrate any smart contract


Integrate Any Smart Contract with Ease

FunKit opens up a world of possibilities by allowing you to integrate any smart contract directly into your wallet or app. Whether it’s a DeFi protocol, an NFT marketplace, or a governance contract, you can connect seamlessly via direct ABI integrations or WalletConnect. This means limitless functionality and user engagement without compromising on speed or reliability.

Cross-Chain and Multi-Platform Support

Compatibility is key in a decentralized world. FunKit’s multi-chain composability ensures that you’re not restricted to just one blockchain. Extend your application’s reach by supporting all major EVM chains, thereby offering your users a wider array of services and assets to interact with.

Fast, Reliable Contract Integration

Say goodbye to cumbersome setup processes. With FunKit, smart contract integration becomes a streamlined, one-time process that requires minimal coding. Our SDK is designed for both performance and ease-of-use, ensuring that you can integrate new functionalities swiftly and securely. With FunKit, you’re not just integrating smart contracts—you’re integrating endless possibilities.

WalletConnect Support

Any Dapp,
a scan away

WalletConnect Support


Multi-chain composability

Multi-chain composability


Integrate into your project
evening .

Import Wallet from

Create your wallet.

Run wallet.anything()

Integrate into your project


Who controls my keys?

FunKit is 100% non-custodial and built on top of smart contracts. All of the logic for validating and authenticating actions on a wallet is programmatic and verifiable, and as the developer, you structure each wallet to match your user’s preferences.

Who audited

Fun smart contracts were audited by QuantStamp, Secure3, and multiple independent auditors. We also have an ongoing audit with Trail of Bits and an incoming audit competition on Code Arena. Our infrastructure has been audited by Security Innovation.

What are the compliance implications?

For most apps, FunKit removes the need for money transmitter or qualified custodian licenses. FunKit does not hold or move funds by default, and it never makes investment decisions. Consult with legal counsel for the specifics of your app.

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90/10 revenue split on all developer fees

Standard provider pricing

Unlimited private key wallets

10,000 free social wallets

1,000,000 free transactions


$2950 / month

Negotiable revenue split on all developer fees

Revenue share with providers (on/off ramp, staking, etc.)

100,000 free social wallets

Unlimited private key wallets

10,000,000 free transactions

$5,000,000 insurance

Guaranteed response times

Dedicated support channels

Custom modules